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  1. Hi guys,

    When converting DTS HD-MA or multichannel FLAC to AAC with the latest ffmpeg 4.1.3 I get channel layout that mismatch source audio file.

    This happens for 5.1 and 7.1 audios.

    The command I use is the simplest one:

    ffmpeg -i 7.1.flac 7.1.aac
    ffmpeg -i 5.1.dts 5.1.aac

    The source and destination layouts looks like the following:

    L R C LFE Lb Rb Ls Rs <-- 7.1.flac
    C L R Ls Rs Lb Rb LFE <-- 7.1.aac
    C L R Ls Rs LFE <-- 5.1.dts
    L R C Cb Lb Rb <-- 5.1.aac
    Please kindly assist.
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  2. Sounds like serious regression for ffmpeg.
    Try to restore proper order with
    Check channel layout for source and for target.
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