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  1. This script used to work on my computer, but now it says "ImageReader: error 'Could not open file' in DevIL libray". I guess probabaly related to some system updates? How can I solve this issue?

    LoadPlugin("H:\Program Files (x86)\megui\tools\lsmash\LSMASHSource.DLL")
    LoadPlugin("H:\Program Files (x86)\megui\tools\avs\plugins\ImageSeq.dll")
    Video=LWLibavVideoSource("I:\kaisi yeh yaariaan\195.mp4")
    Logo=ImageSource("J:\kaisi yeh yaariaan\logo5.png",use_DevIL=true).ConvertToRGB32
    Video=Overlay(Video,Logo,x=1145,y=10,mode="Exclusi on",opacity=1.0)
    Video=Video.TextSub("I:\kaisi yeh yaariaan\195.ass")
    return Video
    DevIL version is 178, avisynth+ 3.5, megui 2944, windows 10.
    Thanks for help.
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  2. I had a similar problem opening a png image recently. I don't open images much so I'm not sure if it was because I'm running Avisynth+ in Wine on Linux, or DevIL has a problem with some png images, or something else, but it didn't matter because FFVideoSource from the FFMS2 plugin was able to open it.

    Logo=FFVideoSource("J:\kaisi yeh yaariaan\logo5.png")

    If that fails, try converting the png file to a bitmap and opening it instead.
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