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  1. Hi, I am trying to rip an anime DVD and when I convert it to h264 the reds turn more towards orange. I found that I have to change its color space (Rec. 601) to Rec. 709. I am using this code from avisynth:


    is this correct?, I have to change something if the dvd is ntsc or pal?
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  2. A DVD will already be YV12 so you shouldn't need the first line.
    You should only need the second line if you're upscaling to HD. If you are then the second line is correct.
    If the colors are changing and you're not upscaling it's possible your video card or player is doing something odd.

    ColorMatrix can also obtain the colorimetry info from DGDecode, if you're decoding with it. Just in case the DVD video contains colorimetry info and it isn't rec.601 (not very likely). Check the Hints description in the ColorMatrix help file.

    Other than that, you could also try the HDRMatrix plugin. I think it's slightly better quality than ColorMatrix (less prone to causing banding).

    Matrix(From=601, To=709, Bitdepth=8)

    You only need HDRMatrix.dll from the plugins pack.

    It probably also wouldn't hurt to add the appropriate colormatrix VUI to the x264 command line, if that's what you're using. It doesn't change the way the video is encoded, it's just information for a player to use. There's no such thing as a rec.601 colormatrix for x264. The first two are the same as rec.601.

    (NTSC) --colormatrix smpte170m
    (PAL) --colormatrix bt470bg
    (HD if you upscale and convert the colors) --colormatrix bt709
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