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  1. Hi,
    this is hopefully a very easy question: how can you join multiple videoclips (that have different framerates) together into a single video with one consistent framerate? I think I could do some math with the speed on each individual clip, but is there just a setting that will do this?
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    just set the output framerate in the program you are using to edit/join the clips to what you want. the program will re-encode them all to that.
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    Simple answer to your question.

    You can not do this without changing the framerate of one or the other. All videos must have the same framerate. And a simple re-encode will also not work since that will change the timing. You must resample the framerate of the video you which to change.
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  4. Thanks aedipuss, that worked.
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  5. Derrickd111,
    MKV/MP4 support variable frame rate video, so frame rate shouldn't be a barrier to joining multiple clips. I realise you said you want a single video with one consistent framerate, but is that because you thought it was a requirement? Converting a video's frame rate is almost impossible to do with hurting the quality. Often it's done by blending frame to create new ones etc
    The resolution needs to be the same, and you mostly have to use the same encoder settings, but the frame rate on it's own shouldn't matter. Naturally the audio needs to be the same.

    Simply because they were handy, I joined a couple of MKVs sitting on my drive to check. I know they were created equally, aside from one being 23.976fps and the other 29.97fps. MediaInfo displays:

    Width                     : 640 pixels
    Height                    : 480 pixels
    Display aspect ratio      : 4:3
    Frame rate mode           : Variable
    Frame rate                : 26.640 FPS
    Original frame rate       : 23.976 (24000/1001) FPS
    Color space               : YUV
    Chroma subsampling        : 4:2:0
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