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  1. Hello

    I am looking for Windows ripper which would allow me to rip Blu-rays to user-defined filesize MKV (e.g 2.2GB for each episode from Blu-Ray disc)

    In the past I had been doing this for DVDs using Auto Gordian Knot, which has this feature. But AGK is no longer developed tool and does not support Blurays.

    I checked Handbrake, XMedia Recode but none of those have this option.

    Can anyone advise on this topic?

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    Vidcoder has a "target size" on the video encoding tab
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  3. MeGui has a 'bitrate calculator' there we can assign a final size and know which bitrate to apply..

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    of course the configuration is two passes
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  4. I remember learning my lesson back when I used AutoGK myself years ago. I encoded a bunch of episodes from a TV show using the same target file size for each and realised some episodes looked great while others... not so much. You either waste bitrate on episodes that don't need it, or use to little bitrate on others, or a combination of the two.

    Unless you have a specific need for a particular file size it's much better to specify a quality instead. The file sizes will vary but the quality won't. After you've encoded that way for a while you'll settle on a quality that gives you the file size you want.... on average. I've got three seasons of an old TV show on my hard drive I just finished encoding from DVDs. Using the same encoder settings, quality and resolution each time, they range in size from 230MB to 380MB (including audio). They're all the same quality though.
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