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  1. I wish to install the FFMPEG input driver in VirtualDub.
    My computer is Windows 7-64, My VirtualDub was downloaded from this site, ver. 1.9xxx (which I believe is 32-bit).

    I have found some sources for the FFMPEG input driver, but matters are confusing.

    Most sources provide the following: FFMpeg Input

    One Source provides the following: Virtualdub FFMpeg Input

    I assume that I want the . . . 1906, not the . . . 1906_x86_x64 — as this one for be for 64-bit Virtualdub.

    So after I get by that, how and where fo I install the appropriate files?

    Upon unzipping the 1906 file, I get a FOLDER called: VirtualdubFFMpegPluginSource_1906.

    Inside that folder are three additional folders: “ffmpeg”, include, and src.

    Which of these do I use and where do I place them?

    1) Folder called: ffmeg — has lots of internal folders and files
    2) Folder called: Include
    3) Folder called: src
    Each has internal files.

    VirtualDub itself has three relevant folders: Plugins, Plugins 33, and Plugins 64.

    What files for where?

    Thank you for your help.
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    Why don't you just use virtualdub2 instead? It opens all those input types natively
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  3. Easy two-fold response:

    1) As a new VirtualDub user, I did not know that there was such a (newer) program.

    2) The reviews, all the way up to June 2020, are overwhelmingly --- almost all --- highly negative and critical of the bugs and other problems in VirtualDub2.

    That being so, I'd appreciate some advice on which FFMpeg Input Plugin files to use, and where to place them.

    Thank you.
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  4. It's sounds like you downloaded the source files rather than the release. Try here:

    The main download button gives you,
    but you can get there as well.

    Both contain a plugins32 and plugins64 folder. If you're using the 32 bit version of VirtualDub, copy the contents of the plugins32 folder to VirtualDub's plugins32 folder. Do the same for the plugins64 folder if you're using the 64 bit version. There's links for both the 32 and 64 bit version of VirtualDub on the VideoHelp page.

    Both folders contain a file called FFInputDriver.vdplugin (or FFInputDriver_64.vdplugin), and a folder called ffdlls. They're what you need.

    I don't use either program much, but I know VirtualDub2 has a lot of new features compared to the original VirtualDub. It'd be worth a look (and you won't need the ffmpeg input driver)..
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