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  1. Hello. I've been recoding videos with Handbrake, no "keyint" command, so all the videos use the default 240 keyint. I never had a problem fast forwarding/backwarding in MPC before but now I just upgraded my CPU from i7 4770 (4th gen, bought around 7 years ago) to Ryzen 3 3100. I know it's a much cheaper CPU but it's newer and benchmark sites say it's faster than my old Intel one.

    Now it's seeking very slow, like there's a noticeable 0.5 sec delay every time I press the key.

    If I encode videos with keyint=60, it's much much better (feels like how it was on my i7 4770). Now I feel bad as hell. Is it really the Ryzen CPU that is the culprit? Is it that weak, or I need some extra settings in MPC? Oh I don't like the "fast seek (on key frame)" feature in MPC though.
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  2. The CPU isn't the problem. Turn on fast sync in the player. It will sync to the nearest keyframe. That's very fast but with a keyframe interval of 240 you're talking about 10 second granularity on your seeks.

    Also try enabling or disabling hardware decoding.
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  3. I tried all the hardware acceleration options, but anything beside DXVA2 native makes it even worse (including None).
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  4. If you seek to the middle of a group of frames, the whole group of frames, or at best many of them, need to be decoded in order to display the frame you want (as frames rely on information from each other to decode correctly. The smaller the gop, the less frames are likely to need decoding. If you're referring to jumping from one place in the video to another using the seek bar, make sure "fast seek" is checked under Options/Advanced. That'll make MPC-HC jump to the nearest keyframe when you seek and should be virtually instantaneous. If any hardware decoding is enabled, it'd be the video card's decoding that's slow, not the CPU. Does MPC-HC display something like "Playing [H/W]" in the status bar? If it is, the video card is decoding.

    Edit: Sorry, I just realised you said you don't like the fast seek option.
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  5. The reason I don't want to use the fast seek option is that I didn't use it on my old PC and it was still fast. So I need to find the answer why it's being slow on my new system.

    My GPU is GTX-970 so I'm not sure if it's that weak to do these decoding jobs. It's also part of my old PC. Maybe there's something wrong with the settings?

    Here's my settings. I tried all the other decoders but this DXVA native seems to be fastest.

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  6. What output device are you using? View -> Options -> Playback -> Output:

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  7. Enhanced Video Renderer (custom presenter).

    I tried madVR like someone said on Google, but it's pretty much horrible.
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  8. Windows 10 has a ton of overhead versus past operating systems such as Windows 7. Most people who would watch video files or play games believe Windows 7 could operate faster. Players like MPV are far faster than MPC-HC. MPV does not use directshow filters from what I've seen, I believe it uses ffmpeg built in filters. I've even tried out ffplay from ffmpeg static file set done by zeranoe builds, which seeks like a rocket, but I believe this program is for testing purposes mostly. In the past you would have players using wave out which factors into how fast you can seek. The newer internal audio renderer for MPC-HC uses wasapi which can be faster but depends on how the player is optimized. In the past, I remember wave out and direct sound audio output allowing files to seek much faster.
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  9. Yeah, my old PC was on Windows 7. But since I upgrade it, I thought I'd just use Windows 10 even though I like 7 more.
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