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  1. Regularly I need to know the exact time of a frame.
    Similar to Subtitle Edit.

    [Attachment 53638 - Click to enlarge]

    MPC shows time left.

    [Attachment 53639 - Click to enlarge]

    Any suggestions?

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  2. I don't use MPC-BE but MPC-HC has a "high precision" right click option and you can choose between time elapsed or time remaining.
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  3. First of all: sorry for the delay. I did not receive a notification, for some reason or the other.

    Secondly: thanks for the reply.

    MPC-BE has no such thing as high precision. But our tip brought me to clicking on the time (right bottom corner) and I noticed it switched from 'time remaining' to 'time played'
    Again THANKS for the tip.

    MPC-HC, I am sure it is about as good as MPC-BE.
    (Frankly, I had the impression that MPC-HC development stopped a while ago, but it seems they re-started development again?)
    "MPC-HC is not under development since 2017. Please switch to something else.
    v1.7.13 is released and farewell July 16, 2017
    But it is now on
    which is a site for developers I guess: could not find the installer files there.

    I don't know if there are major differences between BE and HC.

    Thanks again.
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  4. Originally Posted by vhwul62 View Post
    MPC-BE has no such thing as high precision.
    Wrong, MPC-BE has the same feature, be sure to use latest nightly. Rightclick on time "show milliseconds"
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