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  1. foobar2000 portable (77.6MB).

    ffmpeg and ffprobe are no longer included as it reduces the size of the zip file quite a lot. There's instructions in the included text file explaining where to put them and what they're used for.

    Unfortunately foobar2000 is no longer XP compatible.

    About the portable foobar2000 in the zip file:

    The link above is for a portable version of foobar2000 v2.0. I'm uploading this as there's often threads asking how to convert audio files. This version of foobar2000 has conversion and encoder presets for converting just about any format to any format.

    You only need to extract the zip file somewhere and run foobar2000.exe. It's setup to be both an audio player and a converter (I use it for the latter almost daily). It's a "business only" configuration. It doesn't display album art or visualizations etc (aside from the output meters), but it displays a fair bit of information about audio files. It's configured for a 4:3 display, so you can run it on a wider display without it hogging the whole screen, or you can run it fullscreen and resize the various sections of the GUI. The left side of the GUI is dedicated to displaying your media library and won't display anything unless you tell fb2k where to find it. The right side of the GUI has tabs at the top for displaying playlists, and tabs below for displaying information about the files in those playlists.

    There's lots of conversion presets. They can be used as a guide for creating your own. There's even more encoder presets. I rarely use many of them, but they've been saved as a reference so I don't need to remember the required command lines. For those who don't know, converter presets are a combination of an encoder preset, optional DSP configurations, and they can optionally use ReplayGain for adjusting the volume. An encoder preset only configures the encoder.

    The text display section on the lower right side of the GUI requires a mono-space font, otherwise the text won't line up. If the mono-space font it's configured to use isn't available for your version of Windows, right click on the text area and select "settings" to change it. It'll need to be changed twice, for the text areas under both the "Playing" and "Selected" tabs.

    The first attached screenshot shows this foobar2000 setup running on Windows 11. The second is a similar screenshot of it running in Wine on Linux, and the third screenshot shows how the portable version will look when it's first run (although it's a screenshot of an old version on XP which is no longer supported).

    [Attachment 72444 - Click to enlarge]

    [Attachment 72445 - Click to enlarge]

    [Attachment 72446 - Click to enlarge]

    Edit: I recently noticed the included TagBox plugin doesn't work with the version of foobar2000 I uploaded, but the "Help/Check for updated components" menu should get foobar2000 to update TagBox to a version that does.
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  2. Deleted out of date info.
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    Originally Posted by hello_hello
    foobar2000 1.5.3[/URL] (104MB because there's lots of goodies included).

    The link above is for a portable version of foobar2000 1.5.3 (XP compatible encoders).
    I have downloaded the Zip file. Scanned it by virus total and found 2 engines detected this file.

    For information please.

    Anyway, I have been using FB2K with your presets for conversion of various formats almost every day. Thanks for your offerings.
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  4. You're welcome.

    I looked at your link and it appears the file was scanned with a bunch of antivirus engines and two of them resulted in false positives. The rest of them declared the file to be clean.

    I'm going to replace the zip file in the opening post with a new version shorty. I discovered the bundled ffmpeg wasn't built with the Rubberband filter that some of the speedup/slowdown encoder presets use, and as a result of checking that I also discovered I'd named the ffmpeg/Rubberband encoder presets incorrectly, so I've fixed those. I'll upload a new zip file without ffmpeg. That'll reduce the file size quite a bit, and I'll add a link for the most recent XP compatible version of ffmpeg to the opening post at the same time.
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  5. For anyone who's interested, I've updated foobar2000 to version 2.0 and there's an updated link in the opening post.
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