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  1. Hi,

    I'm trying to download some videos from a Japanese VOD service called Wowow On-demand, and tried Streamfab's trial version as it's supposed to be compatible with this service and MPD videos (I checked Streamfab's website and found a help page in Japanese explaining how to do it, no problem).

    Unfortunately, I get a error S-6007 message, which is a message explaining that either your browser and/or OS isn't supported
    Same error message you can get on U-Next, for the same reasons ( ).

    I checked outside of Streamfab, and the videos play just fine with Chrome, Edge or Firefox, so the problem is definitely with Streamfab. Yes, I did contact them for help and, no, we couldn't solve the issue.
    Also, yes, the rest of Streamfab seems to work just fine.
    I think their in-built browser is either unsupported or too old.

    What do you think I should do? Wait for the next update and see if the problem is resolved, or try with another software?

    I found dash-mpd-cli on Github, but it looks daunting for someone who only uses GUIs...

    Any advice is welcome!
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  2. since old chromecdm revoked, many strange error appears, you can do them manually with your own CDM or online sites, they all work fine.
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  3. ChromeCDM 2557 got revoked a couple of days ago, which has caused Streamfab and related APIs to dry up until further notice. You might be able to get SD on some sites, but on many it's completely dead. Even on bitmovin, which is pretty funny.
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  4. Originally Posted by shellcmd View Post
    since old chromecdm revoked, many strange error appears, you can do them manually with your own CDM or online sites, they all work fine.
    Can you translate your answer in dumb English? You lost me at "your own CDM"
    That's for the decryption, right?

    The weird thing with Wowow on-demand is that I'm not even sure what encryption they use, if any. I mean, unlike other VOD sites with DRM, I can record the screen with OBS -- which is way too time consuming for something of average quality.

    I checked the page info -> media with Firefox, so I know they are "blob".
    I also checked developers tools. Content is delivered with streaksplayer, which seems to be a Japanese video delivery platform. I even managed to find info on their API ( ). Which doesn't help me much more as I have no technical knowledge, at least not that deep.
    Only thing I could gather is that, if DRM is involved, it's probably FairPlay ( )

    For the rest, I'm really totally lost...
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  5. sorry i cant explain it more easy to read. wowow use widevine DRM protection, so videos are encrypted. you need find out pssh and license url to obtain decrypt keys. then decrypt videos.

    you need start from those stick threads, i know it is a bit difficult for a noob, but once you read and understand how they work, it is easy.

    im newbie too.
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  6. In dumb english: to decrypt a video your device has a crypto certificate that's specific to your device and only usable by your device's media player (e.g. browser) and not supposed to be leaked publically. The certificate is the main part of a CDM. And such certificates can be revoked, i.e. rendered useless. That's part of DRM.
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  7. Waiting for the reverse-engineering of Chrome CDM 2710, to bring the old good days back.
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  8. Streamfab version now includes a "re-encoding" method for the streams released after January and they say "download mode will be supported soon". They say that older videos before January 26th, can be downloaded.

    Revoked CDM2557 can decrypt the olders but not the newers. Is this correct or am I missing something?
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