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  1. I have recently been using SubtitleCreator v2.2 and have been using the dvd authoring wizard to add subtitles to my dvds. Unfortunately i can not figure out how to make the subtitles off by default, is there a way to not have them come on when you first pop in the dvd? any help would be great.

    download to SubtitleCreator v2.2here
    here is the download to muxman
    here is the download to VObBlanker
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    how to make the subtitles off by default
    This can be done by editing DVD in DVDRemake. The command sub-picture track = 62(track NO) can be selected from System Set Instructions tab and added, for example, as a pre-command to a VTS root menu. You can add a condition to apply that command just once - to keep manual sub selections from menus the user applies later. E. g. you can write a number into a register with a pre-command added to the First Play PGC (like R(5)=57). In VTS root menu PGC, to check that condition you can write the same number into another spare register, R(3)=57 and use the command: if R(3)==R(5) sub-picture = 62(track NO). Then reset Register #5: R(5) = 0 to make subs selection working from menus. If your top menu addresses main title directly, you can also add those commands to its PGC's pre-command list.
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