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  1. Hi-
    So I have an MP4, which was ripped from a 40-yr old VHS, and I don't have access to the tape. I was sent the MP4 by our band director who had never seen this recording, even though he is the director onstage with the kids.

    It's a High School Jazz Band live and onstage, and I'm trying to clean it up as well as I can.
    I already bought Magix MovieStudio 2024 Platinum, with Neat plugin.
    And I've shared it on Google Drive:

    I'm not looking for DVD HD result, but I do want to sharpen and get rid of some of the glow and halo-ing on white shirts under the spotlights, around the 3-minute and the 4:30 mark.
    Also how to tone down the blue-lit backdrop, and possibly to bring the light up on the back row of kids.

    We're doing this for the High School alumni who were part of this band, and I don't have a bottomless budget for buying more software...
    Just looking for some ideas from the wizards here, and hopefully get a decent result.
    This snip was cut using BandiCut, High Speed, and is hopefully as good a snippet as we can get.
    As an aside, any ideas on the audio to improve it would be helpful, too.

    The VHS recorder is vintage 1981, and the stage lights were pretty harsh.
    Thanks for any guidance...
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