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    Hello, I start using Batch AV Converter and i try to find the method to add the title plate to see the codec names on the information line? For example, I know my video file contains two French audio codecs including a VFQ and a VFF but there is no indication on the program to differentiate them. Of course, I can open the full mutimedia information to see the names of the audio codecs but it's boring. THANKS
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    A codec is software to encode or decode content.
    You have two audio streams. They may be in the same or different formats.
    Some containers (most certainly, MKV) allow you to store auxiliary information (metadata) along with the streams to document the intended use and language.
    I did not know what VFQ and VFF even mean, until now: They seem to indicate French language dialects.
    Some software is able to store such metadata, some is not; I have no clue if "FFMPEG Batch AV Converter" is. I know MKVToolnix is able.
    Some players read such metadata and display it, others ignore it.
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    The difference of those 2 tags VFF/VFQ is indeed to differenciate audio tracks, with 2 distinct dubbings. VFQ is Canadian French dubbing, VFF is France French Dubbing. Not quite the same accent.

    VFF and VFQ meaning :
    "Version Française -Français"
    "Version Française - Québecois"

    FFMPEG Batch converter can assign language metadata tags in the software, in the 'Stream multiplex' tab.
    But unfortunately, the author didnt add "canada" in the list
    [Attachment 77142 - Click to enlarge]

    My advice would be to use ffmpeg command line to assign/tag audio tracks manually, with a command line such as :
    ffmpeg -i in.mkv -map 0 -c copy -metadata:s:a:1 language=can -metadata:s:a:2 language=fra out.mkv
    (list of country codes can be found here :

    Doing that, you do not have the same tag (french) for both audio tracks, and you can chose the one you want.

    Alternatively, you could ask the author of FFMPEG Batch Convertor, Eibol, to add the canada tag in the language list, but thats probably some work for him (and it only will be for you), so, maybe he'll do it when he has time, or for the next build/update.

    I remember someone in the past, who asked him (or should i say DEMANDED, and not very politely) to add Greek langage tag.
    And even if that person was rude, Eibol added it anyway, being the nice guy he is

    I hope it helps, cheers.
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  4. Originally Posted by CyberOtter View Post
    (list of country codes can be found here :
    The OP needs the ISO language codes, not the country codes.
    ISO 639-2 language codes are here:
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    Since VFF & VFQ are both Dialects of "FRA", not distinctly different languages, there is no differentiation on the ISO codes page, that's not really going to help.
    Spanish has the same issue (Castilian Spanish vs. e.g. Mexican or Argentinian). English, too.
    That ISO table seems inconsistent & a bit outdated - wish they'd fix it. But, they do mention the scope precludes dialects in those code pages.

    There is a preferred way to refer to dialects using codes: 2dig language - 2dig local. Like how computers' languages are chosen.
    So en-us vs en-gb. es vs es-mx, es-ar, etc.
    And fr vs fr-ca (and fr-be, fr-ch, fr-lu).

    I'd recommend switching to those. But who knows whether players would properly support them.

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