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  1. Hi there- Trying to export uncompressed (v210) in AVI and force the display aspect ratio to be 4:3. Currently MediaInfo thinks my files have a DAR of 3:2. When I look at the avi file in a hex editor there's a field called PARf- I'm thinking/hoping this is meant to specify pixel aspect ratio. Has anyone else seen this? I don't see the dwFrameAspectRatio mentioned here. Any suggestions on how to ensure that my SD video (720x486) is displayed correctly as 4:3. Thank you!
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    Most users simply remux it to MKV using MKVtoolnix and set the A/R for the video

    Or, to keep it in AVI, use FFmpeg.exe from the command line like this:
    ffmpeg -i <INPUT_FILE> -aspect width:height -c copy [OUTPUT_FILE]
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