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    Hi all,

    I don't know whether here is the right forum for me posting my problem for help?

    I have old VHS tapes and need to rip them to DVDs because without a player. My old VHS player has been dumped after broken down.

    I sent an old VHS tape to a shop for ripping it to DVD. After delivery I play it on DVD Writer and found certain sections of the video being unclear / not sharp. I wonder whether there is any solution to fix my problem ? I'm running Linux Ubuntu 20.04 desktop PC here.

    Please help. Thanks in advance


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    You're talking about a poor quality source (VHS) digitised and converted to the antuque video codec needed for DVD compatibility. No idea how good the machine was in the shop or the encoder used. You are not going to get great quality.

    You could open it in avidemux (I use the Linux appimage) and apply a sharpening filter but with such a poor quality source it may just make it worse.

    I'm also curious about the "play it on DVD Writer" bit. I've been using nothing but Ubuntu or (Ubuntu based) Mint for years and have never ever heard of such a program. If it's a Windows program you're running under Wine that may be part of the problem, Wine is actually rubbish and apps often do ot work properly.

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    Your question has been answered in your other thread ( The camera that shot the original was out of focus so your end result will also be out of focus. You can't put back something that was never there.

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    satimis,please do not open another thread on the same subject,one thread is enough,this thread is closed.
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