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  1. Where can I found firmware update files for my Pioneer DV-LX50? The pioneerfaq site doesn`t work anymoore?
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  2. This player is twelve years old now, and the Pioneer division that produced disc players and recorders was liquidated the year after this model came to market. In most countries, the regional Pioneer offices now act is if the company never made anything that loaded a dvd, and Pioneer was never in the habit of helping consumers obtain firmware even back in the good old days.

    PioneerFAQ was more dedicated to recorders than players: they would have had firmware links for the DVR-LX60 recorder, but probably not the DV-LX50 player even if they were still online.

    What are you hoping to gain from a firmware upgrade? If we know what you're looking for and why, and what country you bought the player in, someone here might be able to link you to a solution. Otherwise, its not a great idea to download random firmware from random host sites: like Panasonic and Sony, Pioneer had country and region specific model and firmware variations.
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  3. PioneerFAQ had several firmware for DV-LX50. I´m looking for the last firmware upgrade that makes the player sacd-r compatible.
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  4. Interesting: I was on PioneerFAQ quite often up until the end, and never noticed anything about players, yet if one runs a search for DV-LX50 Google comes up with a dozen about them hosting a firmware upgrade. Go figure: the site was a great resource, but not always easiest in the world to navigate, lots of things were buried in odd submenus.

    Anyway... judging from several threads I sampled at various forums, nobody has discussed this model in any depth since about 2013, and virtually ALL mentions of firmware upgrade hacks link back to PioneerFAQ. As with a couple of the Pioneer recorder hacks, PioneerFAQ seems to have been the only source (Pioneer itself did not host or condone it, no surprise, and whoever the source was for PioneerFAQ does not seem to be hosting it today anywhere else). So you're SOL unless you can somehow get hold of PioneerFAQ site administrator and beg him to have mercy on you.

    The proprietor of PioneerFAQ was named Hakan, but often shortened his handle on various forums to simply Hkan. I recommend you try sending PMs to him at every forum where he once participated, starting here at VH where I believe he was Hkan. In my past communications with him, Hakan was always very kind and helpful, but my last contact was several years ago before PioneerFAQ folded. Given the passionate enthusiasm of Pioneer aficionados for their gear, I imagine he gets a lot of PM requests now that the site is no more. Its entirely possible (and understandable) he might choose to ignore such recent inquiries, because handling them one by one vs thru a site interface could be a terrible time sink for an individual. But its worth a try: I don't see any other path to you obtaining the SACDR hack unless you post to every DV-LX50 / DV-58AV forum thread and ask if anyone who still has it would be willing to share with you. The majority of SACDR fans seem to have moved on to BluRay players at this point.

    Heres a couple threads where you'll find PM links to Hakan/Hkan (DV-58AV is US/Canada version of DV-50LX):

    You could also try PMing Meles at this thread:

    Good luck!
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    did find this -
    it seems that most of the links are dead except for the avsforum one
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  6. Long term members at AVS forum tend to remain currently active more than participants at other forums: try "gravedigging" a few DV-50LX and DV-58AV threads there, or start your own thread titled "Pioneer DV-50LX or DV-58AV SACDR Firmware Upgrade?". Another owner will see it and respond, tho perhaps not immediately.

    You might also inquire or post a new thread topic at DigitalFAQ, which lists the DV-50LX in a related thread:
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  7. My player is now updated and plays SACD-r discs. Thanks to you all and especially to Hkan!
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    Hello guys. I tried to check all those links for having the latest firmware of DV-LX50 (supporting SACD-R discs) but no luck.
    Anyone who can help?
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