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  1. Hello everyone,

    I want to transfer some VHS footage to my mother-in-law and some Sony Hadycam stuff for my mother. After that, maybe I'm open for some plus money around the neighberhood to get hw costs back

    Some things are not clear

    I have a PC, the handycam and a low grade VCR plus a cheapo usb digitaliser, but I have read here that I need better stuff.

    I found a Panasonic DMR-E50 really cheap for sale, am I set if I buy that and maybe a Panasonic NV-HS860 Viedeorekorder?

    Or I only need the DMR-E50 and the low-end VCR is enough?

    Or is there a better way for all this?
    Or is there a cheaper way for all this?
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    Sorry to be harsh, but your question really scares me.

    "Or I only need the DMR-E50 and the low-end VCR is enough?" NO!

    "Or is there a better way for all this?" YES!

    "Or is there a cheaper way for all this?" NO! Not if you want any quality at all.

    DO NOT, NOT, NOT, even consider doing transfers for others, paid or not until you've spent hundreds of dollars+ on the proper equipment (quality VCR(s), quality capture device, quality TBC) and spent weeks or months learning, understanding and mastering what it takes to do quality captures. In video capture terms, you're a newborn, not even able to crawl, much less walk the walk of capture for money. It's one thing to do a poor quality for your mother in law, another to do a severe disservice to other's precious memories.

    I don't know what capture device you have, but based on your questions what I and others have posted in this thread yesterday applies.

    To anyone who may post "good enough" techniques, I severely downvote your opinion and wish no one does such a disservice to you in life.

    Originally Posted by lingyi View Post
    Sorry for the wall of text, but your question and situation has been posted here and at numerous times before.

    Your device is 100% an EasyCap clone based on the price, design and software. Search for EasyCap on this forum and you'll see why it's nicknamed EasyCrap. Cut your loss and search for a proper recommended capture device like the ATI-600 or Haupauge PVR-500 which aren't cheap at $50-$100+ but are known to be good quality and more importantly advice supported by members here. Before you buy any new device, be sure ask for opinions and advice here first. No sense in buying something that no one here knows about and can't help with.

    lordsmurf (one of the most knowledgeable members here and at has the ATi-600 and similar quality devices available for sale here. I see that his current prices are higher than they were, but you're getting his guarantee of working quality and support.

    If you want, you could try using VirtualDub with your EasyCap. Again, search for advice here for how to do that.

    Alternately, you search for a DVD recorder which is a quick and easy solution.

    Understand that I'm not being facetious about the following at all.If you're willing to accept fair quality at best (which you'll get with your current device) or good quality at best (which is what you'll get with a DVD recorder) and you're happy with it, that's perfectly fine and you can stop reading here.


    But if you're seeking to get good to very good quality video captures, keep in mind that your capture device is only one link in the chain to get a good quality capture. And you'll need to spend some $$$ to $$$$, and devote the time to learn and experiment.

    I highly recommend thoroughly reading and absorbing this article, by lordsmurf . Note that everything except the cameras and multiple equipment, except possibly VCRs apply to home capturing.

    Also read this: and hopefully your VCR(s) are on the recommended list.
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    LOL send the couple tapes you have out to a pro. or just be content with a crappy transfer and don't under any circumstances take money to do others.
    "a lot of people are better dead" - prisoner KSC2-303
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  4. Originally Posted by aedipuss View Post
    ...don't under any circumstances take money to do others.
    My thought as well when I saw that first post.
    Originally Posted by Smitiz View Post I set if I buy that and maybe a Panasonic NV-HS860 Viedeorekorder?
    The HS860 is one of the best prosumer VCRs ever made. If it's in good shape, get it and you won't need the DMR-E50. You may or may not need a frame TBC (I've never used mine). Just get a decent USB capture device and then you'll be set.
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  5. Hello everyone

    Thank you for all the feedback, I understand (or at least I can see somewhat) now how much I need to learn and this is not just something you sit down and do with a plug&play dongle.

    I'll read everything suggested
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