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  1. 06 May 2020 update to version 2.3.9.
    The crash without file selection is corrected.
    The command line can be displayed.
    Forms have changed from Font to DPI
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  2. 18 May 2020 update to version 2.4.0.
    Many small improvements.
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  3. Hello!
    I recently tried to split the m4b file into chapters. You know that for this there are several scripts written in bash, piton and powershall. It would be nice to include one of them in your program for future use. And not only for m4a or m4b files, but also for all files with chapters. You may notice that I'm focusing on chapters, because there really aren't enough programs that can split audio and video files into chapters. For example, mkvtoolnix can, but only mkv files, AAX Audio Converter can, but only AAX files, and no program can split m4a \ b files into chapters.
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  4. 25 May 2020 update to version 2.4.2.
    Fixed some bugs.
    Many small improvements.
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  5. 08 June 2020 update to version 2.4.5.
    Added: mp3 output in audio conversion.
    Fixed some bugs.
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  6. June 16 2020 update to version 2.4.7.
    Added: You can use the already installed ffmpeg static files.
    At the first use you have to specify the location of ffmpeg, ffprobe and ffplay.
    Added: High DPI aware.
    Many fine tunings.
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  7. June 30 2020 update to version 2.4.8.
    Added: Audio conversion section: You can set 2 channels output.
    Added: Multiplex section: Checkbox to remove language code from Videostream.
    Many cosmetic and code fine tunings.
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  8. If someone has troubles with the program, he can try the latest beta version:
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