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  1. Hello!
    I'm Fabio Rinaldi from Brazil.
    I read this forum to many years.
    I have only 8 tapes VHS.
    I have a capture card, a vcr with s-video plug, a good PC and a DVDR Philips 3355.
    Next year I will capture my tapes.
    It's possiblie use a DVDR Philips 3355 to a pass thru?

    It's very hard found good equipament here, actually.
    Panasoni ES10 it's very expesive, now.

    Excuse me for the bad english.
    I not use everything english, then, my english it's terrible !

    Thanks for your help!
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    The DVDR3575 I own does, and reportedly the DVDR3475 does. But they, and other Funai-made recorders, flicker when the input signal is too bright. An analog proc amp is needed to correct this.

    Since you own it, just try it. And if you don't know what to look for, attach a sample of the result.
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  3. I understand...
    I will make a video test and I will return here.
    Thanks for your help
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  4. The 3355 is an older model with a completely different chipset, don't think it's funai made. It has a LSI chipset and a Texas Instruments (TVP5146) video decoder. It will probably act differently. The funai ones use a panasonic chip for video decoding.
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  5. Hello guys !

    It's amazing that you know all these things in 2019.
    So, it means the DVDR 3355 can work well or not ?
    My plan is capture in avi (huffyuv/virtualdub) and mpg2 (720x480, CBR, 12000 bitrate).
    I will save the arquives in a external HD and a USB stick.
    Thanks god for the 8 tapes, only !

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  6. I read the service manual.
    First the signal pass in TVP5146, after for the LSI chipset.

    Page 57
    "Video Part
    The analogue video input signals CVBS, YC and RGB are
    routed via the board to connector 1521 and sent to Video
    Input Processor, TVP5146P [7401].
    The digital video input signals from the DV-in on the Front
    board are routed from connector 1521 via the IEEE 1394 PHY
    IC [7301] to the Domino chip [7101].
    The Video Input Processor encodes the analogue video to
    digital video stream (CCIR656 format). The output stream,
    named VID_D (9:0), is then routed to the Domino chip. This
    IC encodes and decodes the digital video stream into / from
    MPEG2 format."
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  7. The Philips 3355 is a very old second-generation example of dvd recorder., released in 2004. Most recorders of this era were rather dismal when confronted with VHS tape input. All you can do is test it yourself to see if it helps you: it might, but probably not. Like a computer input card, these machines often required an outboard TBC to properly record from VHS. The early Philips/Pioneers/Sonys just didn't cope well with any sort of analog tape signal inputs. From 2006 forward, most DVD/HDD units included better input processing for analog tape, tho none can match the performance of the unusual Panasonic ES10 for use as a passthru to a PC capture system.
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  8. Hi !

    Yes. I understand the explanation.
    I will make video test in 2020.
    Me and my uncle are building a machine to remove mold.
    I will return with results.

    One doubt: to USB stick, mpeg 2, 720x480, 12000 bitrate, CBR, work well? I will not burn a dvd disc.

    Thank at all !

    PS: Orsetto, are you italian/american, right? My family from Padova/Veneto. Orsetto is very rare, in Italy! Have the same origin of saxo Orson: Orso/Urso = in english, Bear. Surename to a big man!
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  9. Originally Posted by Mister Rinaldi View Post
    PS: Orsetto, are you italian/american, right? My family from Padova/Veneto. Orsetto is very rare, in Italy! Have the same origin of saxo Orson: Orso/Urso = in english, Bear. Surename to a big man!
    Yes, you guessed it: all of it! half Napolitano, half Siciliano.
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  10. "Orsetto"
    The italian diaspora created the great community out of Italy : )

    Another question:
    What the name of the chip decoder the Panasonic Es-10 ?

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  11. This is a block diagram of the TVP5146.
    The decoder TVP5146 send signal to LSI chipset.
    Image Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

Name:	media-1081521-ti-5146-block.jpg
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