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  1. IMPORTANT: I have posted this thread earlier and it has been closed with a message saying that it is similar to another of my thread (here: These are two different unrelated questions. (I asked how to batch split video in 2 equal parts in one. And I'm asking for a video player with cut option with this one). Please, re-read the two posts. Thanks.


    I have been looking for a long time for a player that would have cutter/splitter options included. Basically my job requires me to make montages from videos and this functionality would be very practical (instead of switching every time to editors). I use mpv as my default player usually, but it doesn't have these. VLC have that option but it's pretty terrible as it doesn't cut precisely where I set the marks when I try to cut a short clip of a few seconds (it works better with longer clips). And I tried many players but I didn't find these options in any of them.

    I know it is possible with ffmpeg, but I'm looking for a GUI solution.

    What I need is easy. I watch a video with the player, I see a part I want to cut, I can do it directly within that player 'precisely' (frame by frame - I select mark one and mark two and it's a go). A splitter option would be a bonus if included.

    Important: I need the player to be able to read subtitles (srt files, etc...).

    Let me know if you have ideas.
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  2. Every editor has the ability to play videos. So why don't you just play your videos in an editor?
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  3. I did but it wasn't practical. I had to switch editors each time, because one accepted one type of subtitles, the other accepted another type. Same for audio stream. Lagging issue too. And many missing options that are found in common players but not editors such as playlist for example.
    So it was a mess. Mess that I can understand since editors aren't meant as players.
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  4. And players aren't meant as editors.
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  5. I know. I am not asking for a player with full mode editors functionalities. Just a cutting option, like VLC offer. But let me know if you have an editor that is light enough for playback and accept all type of subtitles. I'm a taker.
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