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    sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Why, would be my great question!

    I followed this thread:
    and most of the time, it was a success encoding subs.

    But for one video, I get a strange rendering:

    I wanted this:

    Yellow subs at the bottom of the screen

    But I got that:

    Blue subs at the top!!!

    So I tried with another video, other subs, and it was OK.
    And I retried with the former video, but I still got blue-toped subs...

    Where do I have to search to find a solution?
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  2. Upload the subtitles.
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  3. Sub files can have position, color, size, font, etc. tags.

    Some renderers respond to them, some don't.
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    Hi jagabo, thank you for your link. If it doesn't enlight me, at least it gives informations that can be interesting for the future.

    Hello videobruger, your simple answer gave me the solution, thanks!
    --> I had created subs with aegisub, using a 656x480 video resolution.
    But I tried to hardcode the subs with a 720x480 video resolution, so it didn't match!

    Now I used a 656x480 video in both aegisub and Xmedia Recode, and the hardcoding is perfect.
    Sorry to have been so absentminded.

    (Here are the subs)
    Image Attached Files
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