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  1. Hi I have this video which is from a WEB-DL. I would like some help to identify the problem and see if there is anyway of fixing it. If you have any suggestion about avisynth filter that I could use I would be grateful.

    The problem might be obvious to you, but I have very poor knowledge about video processing. Sorry about that.

    Thanks for you help !
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    Poor deinterlacing to progressive, not easy to fix as there's no fields left.

    Try Here:
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  3. Interlaced video was scaled vertically (and horizontally) without consideration for the interlacing. That has caused the two fields to partially blend together. There's no fix. Find a better source.
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  4. At less I know now that I shouldn't loss my time on this !

    Thanks for your time and your knowledge ! It's really appreciated
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  5. If this is the only version of that video in existence, and you can't find a better source, I did create a way to improve videos that have been devastated by this all-too-common mistake. Here is the thread where I helped develop the solution:

    Repair Bad Deinterlacing

    Post #12 is where I first had the insight that eventually led to a "solution" (the video will still not look great, but will look MUCH better than what you started with).

    Also, all the values in my ugly script are hard-wired to the particular video I was given. I never generalized the resulting script with settings you could just plug in and use. So you'll have to adapt it for the actual height of the horizontal stripes that appear during motion. The script I developed was hard-wired for stripes that were 18 pixels high.

    [edit]Here is one of the "before/after" pictures I posted which shows the results of my script:

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