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    I have a video with two audio tracks that have been overdubbed in other languages. I want to do a direct stream copy of the video, and a separate English audio file.

    But the two are out of sync. So I go to the audio interleave to adjust the delay but when I play the output (right play button) the video doesn't play. I just get a static picture, which updates to the current frame when I pause. The audio plays.

    That's utterly useless for adjusting audio sync. The video has to be moving in order to tell if the delay has been set correctly. I'm not going to do a stream copy 50 times trying to hone in on the right setting.

    Playing the input, with the audio waveform display on, the video plays but the audio doesn't scroll across, only updates its location when paused. Not very useful for trying to pin down how far off things are.

    I have a six core FX6100 CPU and 8 gigs RAM with Windows 10 Pro x64.
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  2. For syncing I find it faster to use MPC to get the adjustment value.

    Hope that helps you some. Someone else may have the VirtualDub playback solution.
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    There are several suggestions that have worked for different people in the thread Might try some of them for the playback problem.
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