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  1. Hi

    Which Software could you recommend me for the following Things to do:

    - Basic cutting (no Special effects, just include/exclude some Scenes/frames
    - Save cutting settings (to reproduce same Video in another format later)
    - Convert to mpeg2/mp4, for view on lcd tv, streaming from nas and view on iOS-devices
    - freeware or really cheap

    I tried already some Tools like

    Smart Converter (no cutting)
    Full Video Converter (no saving of cutting)
    Pinnacle Studio 8 (full version on cd, but very old and no more working on Windows 7)

    Thanks for your help.

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  2. The answer depends on the video formats you want to cut.

    There are several recent threads in this forum about this exact topic and you really ought to read those before posting. Here is one from just a few days ago:


    I'll repeat my advice from that thread: VideoRedo (shareware) and ffmpeg (freeware). I think you'll find VideoRedo very easy to use, and it works with several different video formats. ffmpeg works with more formats, but is a command line tool. You can find front ends for it, if you look around.
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