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  1. Hello everybody,
    I'm using MKVToolNix GUI (V.9.2.0) to mux a mkv file with chapters.
    After creating a chapter file (in format "chapters.xml"), I add that chapter file in MKVToolNix GUI and start muxing, and then the muxed mkv file with the added chapters works fine by softwares on PC (such as MPC, WMP, I easily click next forward to select a chapter) but it does not work on BD player. On BD player when I click next forward, the screen becomes froze; nothing happens!
    Why? Anyone knows what problem is here, please help?

    In the window of Output of MKVToolNix GUI, what I should set on section "Chapters" to get mkv file working well on BD player?
    Thanks in advance.
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  2. Do you have the problem with all mkv files that have chapters included or only some? If it's the latter try:
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  3. Hi, sneaker,
    I have the problem with both mkv files including chapters and without chapters. Let me try the threads you gave above and will inform you the result later. Thanks for your respond.
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  4. Hi, sneaker,
    It's great, the problem is solved! Just follow your guide
    MKVToolNix GUI->Preferences->Merge->Default Values. Enter into field "Default additional command-line options":
    --clusters-in-meta-seek --disable-track-statistics-tags --engage no_cue_duration --engage no_cue_relative_position
    the chapters work fine on my BD player (for both chapters included in mkv file and new chapters created from mkv file)! is an amazing website, very helpful for everyone, who loves video and moives!
    Thank you, sneaker. Thank you,!
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