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  1. I have a very specific problem I'm having with Encore and some timelines and Playlists. When I play a video from my menu, usually I can navigate through the video using the "Next Chapter" button on my remote with no problems. One I get to the last chapter, clicking "Next Chapter" will usually go to the end of the video and take me back to the main menu. That is what I want it to do. However, on some timelines, I am unable to use the "Next Chapter" button to navigate to the end of a video and get back to my menu. I have to either manually fast forward to the end of the timeline, or click the "Main Menu" button on my remote. It is much easier when I can just play all my videos and go through all the chapters including the last one.

    It seems almost random which timelines will allow me to use the "Next Chapter" button to get to the end of a video and which will not.

    This ALWAYS happens when I am using Playlists though. I have a project where I am using Playlists and Chapter Playlists to seamlessly branch twice in a particular video to slightly different scenes. But when I get to the last chapter of one Timeline or the last chapter of a Chapter Playlist, I can't just use the "Next Chapter" button to go immediately to the first chapter of the next timeline in my Playlist. I have to manually fast forward past the branch point. This makes navigating Playlists very frustrating.

    I really want to figure out how to navigate through all of my videos, including Playlists, by using the "Next Chapter" button on my remote without having to manually fast forward past branch points and at the ends of certain timelines.

    Any advice would really be appreciated.
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    Could you explain how you have your projects set up in Encore, especially end actions?

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  3. I have found that navigation for BR is tricky without Java which only the professional authoring programs support. For example, I stopped using Encore in favor of DVD Architect, but even DVDA is tricky. The Next/Prev buttons don't work at all for Playlists. Maybe it is a common problem across authoring programs? As a result, I have to encode my movies as a single .264 and manually add In/Out and chapter points to the timeline in DVDA for the Next/Prev buttons to work. The good news is I can "re-use" timelines on the disc to build pseudo-playlists. It is kludgy but works.
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