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  1. Hey guys,

    I am looking to buy a new camera / camcorder for video recording purpose only. I would be using the camera 100% for video shooting live local music concerts in my locality (I have the permission) .

    I currently use a tascam dr-40 handheld audio recorder to take line input from the concert's sound guy's mixer and then I set the levels at dr-40 and then pass the audio out to my panasonic fz150's mic input. I use a 3.5mm audio splitter so that I can pass the audio to my camera as well as listen it myself on the headphones.

    The sound is going to be very loud and I might have to shoot at low light conditions so my requirements for the new camera would be :

    1. 4k recording.

    ( I am not sure how much of a difference is there in between 30fps and 60fps , i would prefer 60fps if thats possible - can you tell me how much of a difference will it be if i hv to shoot still objects only. I generally use 50i mode on my fz150 - i live in a pal standard country)

    2. Mic input - This is a must and Manual audio gain if possible.
    3. Headphone output to monitor the audio.
    4. Very good low light quality.
    5. Good battery life - atleast 2 hrs at a stretch.
    6. 20 mins of continous recording.
    7. Under $1000

    I currently own a panasonic fz150 and I love it but there are a couple of issues with it now that technology has advanced so much, they are :

    1. No 4k
    2. Poor low light recording.
    3. No headphone jack.

    I do love panasonic's fz150 agc (automatic gain control) so regardless of how hot or loud i pass the audio out from my tascam dr-40 recorder, it adjusts the audio very well.

    I was looking at fz1000 as I really like my fz150 but no headphone jack and no manual audio control is kind of a deal breaker for me.

    Please suggest me best possible options. I am an amateur photographer to be honest, I keep the recording at auto mode most of the time.

    Looking forward to the replies - Many Thanks!!!
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  2. The FZ1000 looks like a solid choice on a limited budget. 4Kp60 doesn't exist for under $1,000, so don't sweat it, especially for low light, unless you are dying for slow motion. Also, the 4K in that camera is 100 Mbps which means you will be recording at 45 GB/hr. So for a two hour concert you will need to budget for at least 100 GB of storage, in addition to long battery life. Good luck!
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    My son is a videographer, and he specializes in Music videos for bands, a lot of it is shot in dark places, either indoors at a venue, or set up in makeshift studios or old warehouses, and you cannot use any conventional video camcorder unless it has a decent size sensor, and the smaller cheaper cams have small sensors that are just hopeless in low light, so, the FZ1000 will be trash for what you need to do.

    My son uses a Sony A7S (full frame) with an Atomos Shogun 4k recorder connected via HDMI, and he records either 4k/25p 422 ProRes HQ @ 200Mbps onto 2x 1tb SSD's mounted on the back of the recorder, or in 1080/25p 422 ProRes HQ @ 100Mbps onto the SSD's, or onto 1tb laptop hard drives, and he can almost get away without using any lighting.

    3 of his latest Videos shot using the A7S and Shogun, in 1080/25p ProRes HQ

    Unfortunately this gear is not cheap to buy, my son paid 2k for the A7S, and i bought him the Shogun recorder with sun shade, extra batteries, and the SSD's for 2k on top.

    He was going to buy the A7S ii which records 4k internal, but it is not ProRes, and not the same bitrate as the recorder can do, plus he can use the recorder with other cameras, making his package about the same price as buying the A7S ii on its own.

    If you want a camera at the lower end of the budget scale, the only 2 that i would even consider is a Sony AX100 video camcorder, $1500 brand new, cheaper for 2nd hand, or more in your budget, you could try the Sony RX10-ii which is around $1000 brand new, or cheaper 2nd hand.

    Both very nice 4k cameras with 1" sensor, the RX10-ii is the rival to the FZ1000 in the bridge camera market, only the Sony is much better built, and is just better in just about all areas for shooting very nice quality video, and it shoots in XAVC-S format @ 100Mbps, compared to the the FZ1000 that records in MP4 @ 100Mbps, and if you have not seen any comparisons between 100Mbps MP4 vs XAVC-S then you should do some research, and the stabilization is better on the Sony as well in my opinion.

    Low light will still be an issue with these cams unless you have some decent lighting in place, but i would definitely consider the RX10-ii as it is now available for around $1000 or cheaper 2nd hand.

    I would not be concerned about 60p over 30p for this kind of work, 30p will be fine, and besides this, for your budget, it can't happen anyway, as there is no 4k camera on the market that does 50p/60p for under $4,000 that i am aware of (Panasonic HC-X1000, Sony FDR-AX1, and the brilliant Panasonic AV-DVX200 with its huge M4/3 size sensor)
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