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  1. I want to verify (on Win 7) the integrity of a video file (e.g. *.avi or *.mp4 or *.mkv)

    Therefore I enter according to some suggestions:

    ffmpeg -i videofile.avi -f null -

    This seems to work. However a lot of "normal" stuff is outputted as well.

    I only want an output message in case of error.

    As far as I read the "-v error" should do the trick:

    ffmpeg -v error -i videofile.avi -f null -

    but this yields absolutely NEVER an output (even if I verify a non-video *.png or *.log file).

    So how else can I get only-a-short-error-message-in-case-of error?

    Just a second question:

    Is it possible to verify with ONE ffmpeg command all *.avi/video files in a directory tree?

    Something like that:

    ffmpeg -i:recursivedir D:\videos\*.avi -f null -

    or do I have to search for all videofiles in dir tree beforehand and enter the command for each file separately?
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  2. My two cents:
    a. iirc. '-v' is deprecated, better use '-loglevel', see: -> loglevel for the different log levels
    Personally I wouldn't rely on ffmpeg as integrity checker, especially if those files got recovered somehow.
    Best way (assuming the files at first are okay) is normally to keep checksums for each file (in example crc) and whenever you want to check the integrity recreate the checksum and compare it to the original check sum.

    b. you would need to use a batch script to analyze each file inside a folder, see:

    Cu Selur
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  3. Thank you
    Can you recommend me a CheckSum tool for a whole directory tree?
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    Early this year, I wrote a checksum app. I wanted to test it against some of the checksums I was seeing on some websites that were posting them. Anyway. If you need a command line version, I could probably convert this one to that version, it would just dump the text to command line and it would be up to you how you parse/extract them for your purpose, like this guy did here.
    * gui version only
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