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  1. All people have a lot of photos that they want to combine into one photo film with chronology and pleasant music. In this lesson we will learn how to create a video that allows you to enjoy and appreciate the memories for you and your friends.
    Use the program VSDC Video Editor to make beautiful slideshow absolutely free and very easy. In this lesson you will know about the process of creating a creative slideshow.
    Step by step:
    1) If you are not already installed program VSDC, click on the link, download and install a free video editor. Save the installation file on your computer and start the installation. When installation is complete, run the program and follow the instructions below.
    2) VSDC Video Editor is nonlinear. This means its complexity due to multiple sets of professional tools for video editing. We use a special master which greatly simplifies the process of creating video series for our slideshow. Then, you should run the program and choose: «Create a new video project». The program will give us a dialogue in which we introduce the basic parameters. These parameters are common to any video project.
    First of all, ask the name of the project, as well as the resolution of our final video (slideshow) - by default, the program will offer us a resolution of 800x480, which is ideal for further placement on YouTube channel. But you can always choose a different resolution such as HD and Full HD for the best video quality.
    Then select «Import videos and images» as the type of the new project. Next step is choose creation using the wizard «Import Video and Image» as shown in the picture below and press the button «Finish».

    Click image for larger version

Name:	select type video project.jpg
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    It starts wizard, which will allow us to create a video easily, you can also open the wizard if you click button «Run Wizard» tab «Editor».

    Click image for larger version

Name:	run video wizard.png
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    3) Wizard to creation a slideshow
    The wizard consists of four main elements:
    • list of types of transition effects between scenes;
    • transition effects selected type;
    • video player displays the selected effects or video;
    • region with a list of media files that alternate elements of transitions used to create slideshows.
    The process of creating a slideshow comes to adding files to the list and adding transition effects between them. To add a file you can click on the button «Drag and drop media files here» or through the mechanism of drag-and-drop to drag the desired files in this position.
    Also files can be added via the menu in the toolbar by pressing the button «Add files» and «Insert files», which add files to the end of the list or to the selected position respectively.
    After opening the files will appear in the list in the form of tab nail in the order in which will be used to create slide shows. Also in the list of stuff we can move relative to each other with the mouse creating a timeline playback.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	timescene.png
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    Above the list there is a toolbar, which will edit the added files if it’s necessary. For example, to make a turn, change the colors, or increase the blur, paint individual elements as in the photo and video image.
    Once the photos are added, edited and sorted in the desired order, you should add transition effects to looked video harmoniously and each previous image is change to the next smoothly.
    4) Adding transition effects between images.
    You can do this by two ways:
    - choose a favorite effect in the transitions and drag the mouse on the line in place of the «block transfer», is located between the materials that it’ll be joining. The result you’ll see in the preview window immediately.
    - select a block effect and click on «Add effects».

    If you have a lot of pictures, the best way is to add effects mode «Adding effects randomly». This method will fill blocks the effects of different effects.
    As soon as the video is formed press button «Apply Settings».
    5) The program will start to process your photos by running the initialization process of the sprite and then placing it on the timeline in the main window. The sprite is a special object that contains the image you added in the given order.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	add sound.png
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    If you have a desire to see how the program is placed your images on a temporary panel, you can always make two mouse clicks on the object sprite.
    6) The next step is to add an audio track.
    You should locate the following toolbar icon, it will open window «Windows explorer», in which you can select and open the audio songs that will accompany your slideshow.
    These audio tracks displayed in the timeline and you can place them in time that the composition is most suitable to your video series.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	slideshow with audio.png
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    If you want to preview the result, click button «Preview». The program will play a series of videos with your added audio tracks.
    7) At the next stage you should convert your final project of a unique slide show to one of the standard formats of video display, such as: avi, wmv dvd or mp4.
    You should go to the tab «Export project» and the program will acquire the following form:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	export to avi.png
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ID:	31867

    Select the desired video format, we recommend to start with standard formats such as avi or mp4. Then you should select the output folder for the final video file, select the quality of the video file and click button «Convert».
    Upon completion of the conversion, you will get a video file that you can send to friends, burn to DVD or place on YouTube.
    Enjoy your slideshow!

    use free video editor VSDC!
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    Looks like a nice tool, and it is free.

    Great you took the trouble of helping people make slideshows.

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    Shouldn't this topic be moved to
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  4. Originally Posted by El Heggunte View Post
    Shouldn't this topic be moved to

    I have done the apply at "How to guides", but moderator didn't approve the placement yet.
    I hope so much that moderators will place it in appropriate way.

    Now I am working about how to create animation video .gif with the help of this program,

    After that I will write about it more detailed to be someone helpful.
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    Okey...I will allow this "spam". BUT note that VSDC has a ADWARE, MALWARE, BUNDLEWARE installer.

    Click image for larger version

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    Originally Posted by Baldrick View Post
    Okey...I will allow this "spam". BUT note that VSDC has a ADWARE, MALWARE, BUNDLEWARE installer.

    [Attachment 31870 - Click to enlarge]
    Thanks for the warning.

    The ADWARE, MALWARE, BUNDLEWARE installer is a dealkiller for me.
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