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    I am trying to use Virtualdubmod to increase the audio level on video files, I know how to do this but the files I am trying to open avi and mkv files and Im getting this error message

    [QUOTE][[!] Couldn't locate decompressor for format '' (unknown).
    VirtualDub requires a Video for Windows (VFW) compatible codec to
    decompress video. DirectShow codecs, such as those used by Windows Media
    Player, are not suitable. Only 'Direct stream copy' is available for this


    I get that on AVI and MKV files, is there a fix for this?? Thanks in advance guys
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  2. Install ffdshow and register ffdshow as native decoder for your video codec (in both ffdshow modes i.e. for vfw and for dshow) - vdub use vfw then after this it should work fine

    as this is virtualdubmod then in exchange avisynth can be used (with ffms plugin - )
    alternatively to this you can use avidemux - it should work similar to virtualdub (gui only mode)

    also you may give a chance to ffmpeg

    as you see there is plenty possibilities.
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  3. ffdshow (with the VFW codecs included in the install) should fix it. Just make sure the appropriate ones are enabled.

    Click image for larger version

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    Mind you it shouldn't matter. You should still be able to extract/replace the existing audio and save the output as a new AVI. You just won't be able to preview the video.
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    Usually, VirtualDubMod will throw that error on MKVs because it's not able to understand some of the newer and more common MKV setups (like AVC video in an MKV). IMHO, you shouldn't use VirtualDubMod for working with MKVs, at least not directly - its support is rather minimal and dated. I don't normally work with volume-level changing or normalization, though, so I'm not sure offhand what else you should probably be using for changing the volume in MKVs.
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    Use audacity for increasing the audio level and then use mkvmerge to mux the new audio.
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