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  1. When I open a FLV or MP4 file using Virtualdub I get the following error message.

    No audio decompressor could be found to decompress the source audio format. (source format tag:00ff)

    If I go under audio and select No Audio Virtualdub will play the video without audio. Under file information from the file menu listed under the audio section is ACM codec (tag) then listed to the right of it is Missing codec (0x00FF). I assume the reason for this is Virtualdub has a problem with the way the codec information is listed under the header of the file and it will not play it even though there is nothing wrong with the information that makes up the video and audio.

    A while back I downloaded some files Virtualdub would not play due to discrepancies with the way it interrupted the video. In looking at the information for the files I noticed they had a bunch of numbers to the right of the decimal place for number of frames per second when there should be no more than two.

    In both of the above circumstances I was able to re-encode the files using Any Video Converter and they play in Virtualdub with no problems. I primarily use Virtualdub to do quick previews of movies because once the movie is loaded into Virtualdub I can scroll through it with precision.
    I would prefer to not have to re-encode video files to use in Virtualdub when the same files will play in other media plays. I have spent a significant amount of time resolving problems as mentioned above to only have them reoccur. Hopefully fixes can be found to improve Virtualdub. I am currently using Virtualdub 1.10.4 with ffdshow rev4530 dated Feb 9, 2014 with the AC3ACM-22 and FLV plug-n plugins. Any help would be appreciated.

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    go to this topic > Virtualdub & MP4
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    Just install the AAC ACM decoder.
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