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  1. Hi, I think in Virtualdub does not work that in virtualdubMOD worked,"ISFT","hel lo");

    So in virtualdub I can not add in a .vcf (to batch automate) a line AddComment

    I try to understan this:

    opening virtualdub File-->Set Text Information there is some flield to compile (and if I write an .avi file this fields are use by virtualdub)

    where virtualdub save the strings content?

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    because I would like build a batch that extract timecode from my .mxf files and put it as "text information" into one of thies fileds automatically grr Name:  Pipe-cat_1404264i.jpg
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    Originally Posted by marcorocchini
    I have c0020.mxf as source and with virtualdub I have to re-rencode it in morgan m-jpeg codec
    Can't you just open the thing in VirtualDubMod using DirectShowSource in an AVISynth script?
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  3. teorically yes but VDM cannot write a tag called ISMP for the timecode. In virtualdub I can do it (change with hex editor virtualdub.exe)

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    Now I wonder, because I have to batch automate, I would need where virtualdub store the "set textual information" data: maybe in a memory handler? is there a way to insert with a batch procedure e.g. 01:34:21:15 as comment in one field of the "set textual information" window?
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