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  1. Please.
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  2. Applian Replay Video Capture
    Apowersoft Screen Recorder
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  3. VirtualDub -- not as user friendly but it's free.
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  4. ffmpeg
    A little bit hard to use at first, but with some practice simple options are not so difficult.
    example: How to grab the desktop (screen) with FFmpeg
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  5. Camstudio - free.

    I prefer FastStone Capture myself (although it does more than just video).
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    fastone capture maximum framerate is 25fps. not good for video if you need higher fr. i.e., youtube videos are 30fps. def fr is 5fps. so you have to set that (to 25fps) as soon as you install it. i d/l'ed the portable version for ease of use/test purposes.
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  7. Bought Bandicam. Can anyone recommend settings for a conference? Probably just people sitting at a table plus some slides. Not sure of the content, really. Audio recommendations too, please. I have 338.3 GB available.

    Just made a seperate thread for this question as this thread would not give this post fair visibility:

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