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    Hi folks, interactii here. I was building a new system, and wanted to put Windows XP 64 on it, but ran into the problem in that I couldn’t launch the SSA installer because of its 16-bit-ness. Like many timers, I still use Sub Station Alpha, and will probably never change.

    You wouldn’t be able to install it on any system that doesn’t have WOW (Windows on Windows for 16-bit Applications).

    So I made this new installer. Not only is it half the size, it will install on any Windows OS.

    Please enjoy it and feel free to download it and put it on your own site.

    If anyone is interested in using this domain for something interesting, let me know. You can contact me on Rizon as interactii.

    OS: Installer for Windows XP, x64, Win2k3 Server, Vista





    PS: use it for your own tests. Use a good and updated ( just in case) antivirus before install it. I do not know if it works.

    Best regards.

    devil (johner)
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  2. Hi, Baldrick !!!

    Thanks for your help.

    I do not know if that Sub Station Alpha can run nice on 64 bit Systems.

    But, I think its a nice "alternative" to others try it on their own tests. And post their experience here for corrections too!

    We have very nice good programs nowadays, such Jubler , Subtitle Edit , Subtitle Workshop , SubtitleCreator , VisualSubSync , among others, for use.

    But, SSA is a very nice subtitling program, despite being so old. And for those who are comfortable ( like me ) on subtitling using it, here is the alternative on 64 bits environments.

    Any tests about the thread subject are welcome. Post your results here. And, if we have some troubles, maybe contact the "modified" SSA' authors file for corrections and better solutions. :P

    Thanks for all help.

    Best regards.

    devil (johner)
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    It works fine to install but then it's a missing a dll(msvbvm50.dll). Downloaded it and it works fine now. I'm running win7 64 bit on all machines here.

    I added a mirror link to the dll under the ssa tools page also.
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  4. Oh, that's nice to hear !!! :P

    ---> ( for those who need to download msvbvm50.dll, among the given link option too )

    Thanks again!

    Best regards.

    devil (johner)
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  5. Nice to hear that for some people SUB STATION ALPHA can be very useful even nowadays! Even on Windows 10 or newer Operating Systems.

    Personally I like this program very much. Specially for timing purposes.

    Yes, I like and use other very nice subtitling programs too, like: Aegisub, Subtitle Edit, Subtitle Workshop, VisualSubSync Enhanced and others.

    It's a shame that the old developer do not update his/her program to this days. It's a very nice program and would deserve more features / updates.

    I'm just having some issues to make it work on Windows 10 / 64 bits again as I could do it before. Yes, I could use it for some time on Windows 10 / 64 bits.

    I guess some OS update "broke" it's functionality for some moments.

    More information:

    Source (c):

    @ audioboyz1973 said:

    hsballina wrote:
    I've been trying but without any success so far. Are you running 32 or 64 bit Win 10?

    Running 64 bit Win 10 and now also have it on the older laptop running it with 64 bit Win 7.

    I really can't claim much credit - just the hours spent trawling the internet to find this! Probably like most I read that SSA is 16 bit and so the problems running it on a 64 bit OS. Started googling for solutions and found all those ideas like setting up a VM or even how to have two OS installed on the one machine. But also read that the issue with some programs is just that the installer is 16 bit, even though the program is 32 bit; add a new installer and all fixed! Way way beyond my computing skills though.

    Turns out this is exactly the thing with SSA, the program is 32-bit and that's clearly stated in the help files now I can access them, the installer must be the problem and must have been left as it was from the initial versions of SSA which were 16 bit. So after hours and hours of searching found this: Some computing genius (well to me) has created a version of SSA with a 32 bit installer which is available here: Once it was installed I also had to install the dll file mentioned into the SSA directory, and then it all worked fine - easy as that!! So huge kudos to 'devilcoelhodog' who created it back in 2011.

    If you want to access the help files the old winhlp32 won't work with Win 10, did find some suggested work-arounds, but Microsoft provided updates for up to Win 8 to be able to access those files, which is why I also put it on the Win 7 machine so I can read through the help files.

    I noticed 'devilcoelhodog' said "Please enjoy it and feel free to download it and put it on your own site." Perhaps Julien might consider making some room on the lddb server to store a copy (like the manuals)? It's something that only LD fans are going to have an interest in these days and that would help ensure it isn't lost forever.

    I will grab it and put it on one of my sites (just in case).
    audioboyz1973 wrote:
    dunerider wrote:
    But obviously a source for older LD SSA files would be preferable.

    In the "Guide to making Japanese anime releases English friendly" thread linked to earlier, there are some links to a big set of subtitle files hosted by Publius (big thanks to him). I've also been trawling the net for some other sources with a little bit of success so far.

    Many of the files in that set are jsub, but these can be opened in SSA. Some I tried opened and ran fine. 'Grave of the Fireflies' opened but the start and end times were included in the 'Text' column instead of the appropriate columns. Hopefully not too hard to fix but I need to work out the best/easiest way. I think I'd rather watch it with original audio and subtitles than the English dub. Some wouldn't open but SSA suggests how to access the error log to try to fix this - those might need a little more work?

    What I keep reading is how much these have largely disappeared from the internet. I think that's kind of sad considering the effort and passion that went into creating these in the first place. As they've always been so strongly associated to LD (even if VHS copies were often run off) maybe Julien could consider some space on lddb to preserve these too? Obviously only original fan-made scripts, not stuff ripped from dvd/blu-ray. Firstly if he was agreeable it could be a backup to what Publius hosts. Lddb members could also contribute any scripts they still have saved on drives, and any we mange to find still out there on the internet.

    This .... I'll poke my old acquaintances to see if any of them kept the files around from the anime con's back in the day.

    Best regards.

    devil (johner)
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    Thanks, this was really useful. However, I recently tried to install in a new Windows 10 PC and the installer didn't run. Any clues on workarounds for this?
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