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    Tools used: video editor of your choice which produces Mpeg2 or vobs (you can convert from other formats)
    DVDStyler (if you would like a disk with menu)

    Editing : I use MPEG-VCR which isn't free but does a good job. You can save your edited files as vobs by changing name from .mpeg to .vob

    Method 1 (no menu or chapter marks)
    The DVD will just play, but is quick to compile.

    Assuming you have a set of raw edited vobs:

    1. Create another file on hard drive - called for example 'Video_edit' copy all edited vobs to it.

    2. Run them through FixVTS just in case they have errors.

    3. Followed Baldrick's instructions How to author and burn a DVD from Vob files:

    4. Used Imgburn in 'build' mode to create iso - then burned it in 'burn' mode - the resulting DVD played fine - though it had no menu.

    Method 2 : with menus & optional chapters

    For menu: Skip 4 and put VOBs through DVD Styler - not as quick, but you'll have menus.

    With Chapters: In DVDStyler you can also add a file as a chapter of it's own, in that case group vobs together in consecutively numbered files and import each into DVDStyler as seperate chapters. [DVD - Add - File as Chapter.]
    You can use Titlewriter which is an easy way to add menus to your complied video before burning, but remember to delete the created titlewriter file from your Video_TS file before processing the files through Imgburn

    Here's an update if the above does not work for you:
    I was recently sent one large vob file and two versions of audio file (aac, mp3) - I tried the above method but it did not work. So, this is what I found worked for me:

    Lets say you have one large vob (NTSC format) file and 2 audio formats Mp3 and aac. Most muxers need ac3.

    1. Create two files - one called 'input' on called 'output'
    2.Convert audio mp3/aac to ac3 using VideotoVideo. [Add MP3 file click audio tab and select ac3.] Note: you can also use this software to convert the video file between NTSC and PAL formats if you wish. It will convert many other formats too, but I am dealing with vobs here. Place ac3 and vob file in 'input' file
    3. Load large vob and ac3 into ImagoMux - select 'output' as destination - this will mux new ac3 audio stream to video file.
    3. Rename vob file in the 'output' folder VTS_01_1 and clean up with FixVTS
    4. Create another new file on your computer called DVD.
    5. Use DVD Styler to create dvd files, iso or burn disk (I'd suggest you select 'just files' as you can test on your computer before burning to disk or converting to iso.) - select in your newly created dvd file as the destination. This will take a while depending on the length or your video. 1hr 30m takes about 2hrs. See above for loading files.

    Note 1 - If you use Mac, you'll have to skip steps 3 & 4 as software is Win only.
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