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    Tools used: video editor of your choice which produces Mpeg2 or vobs (you can convert from other formats)
    DVDStyler (if you would like a disk with menu)

    Editing : I use MPEG-VCR which isn't free but does a good job. You can save your edited files as vobs by changing name from .mpeg to .vob

    Method 1 (no menu or chapter marks)
    The DVD will just play, but is quick to compile.

    Assuming you have a set of raw edited vobs:

    1. Create another file on hard drive - called for example 'Video_edit' copy all edited vobs to it.

    2. Run them through FixVTS just in case they have errors.

    3. Followed Baldrick's instructions How to author and burn a DVD from Vob files:

    4. Used Imgburn in 'build' mode to create iso - then burned it in 'burn' mode - the resulting DVD played fine - though it had no menu.

    Method 2 : with menus & optional chapters

    For menu: Skip 4 and put VOBs through DVD Styler - not as quick, but you'll have menus.

    With Chapters: In DVDStyler you can also add a file as a chapter of it's own, in that case group vobs together in consecutively numbered files and import each into DVDStyler as seperate chapters. [DVD - Add - File as Chapter.]
    You can use Titlewriter which is an easy way to add menus to your complied video before burning, but remember to delete the created titlewriter file from your Video_TS file before processing the files through Imgburn
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