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  1. I realized when watching my copy (backed up by VOB2MPG PRO) of Red Dawn that I don't understand Russian very well!

    So, for those DVDs that use the encoded subtitles (or subpictures, however they are called), where the English subtitles are not already part of the video, VOB2MPG PRO is basically useless!

    Any chance of getting subtitles rendered to the MPG output file in an upcoming version of VOB2MPG?

    Thanks very much!
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    Rendering "into" the mpeg video stream is not going to happen as then we are talking about video encoding.... there are plenty of programs out there for that.

    I am working on extracting subtitle streams to VobSub format. Then, depending on what you are doing with the mpeg, it becomes usable for viewing, authoring etc...

    Also, the subtitles - if they exist in the DVD - are maintained in the mpeg currently. See:

    So the question is what are you using to play the mpegs? Perhaps one of the above will work for you.
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