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  1. I have a Hauppauge HD-PVR that captures HD content and puts it into a .TS container using H.264 (AVCHD). I want to watch these video on my Media Center Extenders which don't support that format. Nor am I able to successfuly transcode them.

    The converter it comes with takes TOO long to convert to wmv which is my only option for keeing the hi-res. and it removes the AC3. I've tried SUPER but the encoders it uses are no good. MENCODER and ffmpeg don't decode this files properly. MENCODER crashes, and ffmpeg video is screwed.

    I'd like to convert them (ideally) to AVIs or WMV retaining the video and audio quality with a decent encoding speed. I'll be damned if I can find something to do these conversions. I am willing to pay!

    ARCSoft Total Media is used for capturing, and their codecs seem to be the best for viewing in WMP.

    Anyone in this boat? Has any successfuly converted a file recorded from the Hauppauge HD-PVR? Thanks!
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  3. Whoa....lots of info in there. Thanks.
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  4. I just want to post a note to anyone else having similar issues. When recording with the HD PVR make sure your source resolution is not higher than 720p. I was recording in 1080i and thats what was crashing my converters.
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