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  1. I have some files I recorded with a PVR, and the files are very large. For about 5 minutes, it's a few hundred MB (300-500). The videos look great but I was hoping to be able to compress them without losing quality.

    I have used HandBrake for other things so I would like to stick to it if possible. What are the best settings to achieve this? Is there anything else I can do other than simply lower the Quality Bar? What settings do you guys use to see the best results?

    If you find better results with another program, I'd be interested to try that as well. Any info you guys can give is very much appreciated. I am looking to get a template down so I can use that whenever I need to convert another file. Thanks!

    EDIT: I KNOW THERE WILL BE SOME QUALITY LOST. I am just trying to find a good balance of size vs. quality and wanted to know what settings you guys use to accomplish this. I am looking to have some settings I can use whenever I need to and wanted your opinions.
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