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    Greetings All,

    I have some audio buzz on my soundtrack which spoils enjoyment of my home-recorded video tracks

    Anyone know an EFFECTIVE way to remove it pls ??

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    You'll need to share how you captured it. Analog I assume?

    I'd search for the net on "grounding" your audio cables. I don't know the hows and whys of it but there must be interference somewhere.

    That is assuming of course your source material is clean. If it is not you'll have to do some post production clean up.

    Lots of audio editors have de clicking modes for cleaning vinyl record dubs. This might help your issue. I believe there is a plugin for the freeware program audacity to do declicking.

    You would need to demux (remove) the audio clip and import it into the editor to clean it. Then remux the cleaned file into your original video.

    There are lots of guides here to do all these steps.

    Depending on how knowledgeable you are about these processes you may need to do a lot of reading first and practice some.

    Of course make backups of your capture before doing anything to the original capture file. Always keep your originals too so you can redo the capture at some future date.
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    Does this buzz show up on video that you have captured from a VCR or similar?
    Perhaps the cable or equipment has a problem. If my scenario is wrong,
    please elaborate.
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    Try Audacity. It's freeware and has a 'trainable' noise removal filter that works well.

    And welcome to our forums.
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    Thanks for input

    My legacy video was captured digitally on HDD DVD player, and are now precious memories that I want to enjoy in the future.

    I think I have traced the problem to unregulated / faulty power supply to camera/mic, (now corrected)
    but that wont help the existing video.

    What I need now is a good inexpensive method of cleaning the distracting buzz from my existing mpeg files.


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  6. You can probably use several notch filters to remove the buzz. You'll have to provide a sample. Preferably with a mix of silent (other than the buzz) and non-silent sections.
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