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    Hello guys!

    than go to :
    27-Dez-2013 14:41 588126


    How can I use it with MEGUI?

    I'm affraid it isjust a
    AVS4You Video Convertor file.

    However MEgui has avisynth functions to...

    Can I use x265 codec with megui?

    Thank you for your reply!
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    Any idea?
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  3. Did you see the option under settings -> enable x265 ?
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    Version history/Release notes:

    2436 [M2TS Muxer] added HEVC/x265 and MKV support (requires tsmuxer 2.5.5+)
    [OneClick] added HEVC/x265 support for MP4 and removed it for MKV

    2434 [Update] an update to 2431+ will not disable DGIndexNV, NeroAACenc, QAAC or x265 if already enabled

    2432 [Update] fixed DGIndexNV, NeroAACenc, QAAC and x265 update handling (regression of 2431)

    2431 [Update] optional packages will only be downloaded/enabled if needed
    therefore during first use of such packages an online connection may be required
    if a package is not used in 60 days it will be disabled again
    currently the following packages are disabled by default (more to come):
    DGIndexNV, FFmpeg, MKVMerge, NeroAACenc, QAAC, x264, x264_10b, x265
    DGIndexNV, NeroAACenc, QAAC and x265 still need to be enabled in the MeGUI settings
    NeroAACenc, QAAC and x265 need a restart of MeGUI so that the presets are enabled

    2426 [x265] added option to enable/disable x265 in the MeGUI settings (disabled by default)

    2424 [x265] fixed default encoding mode part II
    2423 [x265] fixed default encoding mode
    2422 [x265] added basic x265 encoding support

    AVS Video Converter - Current Version: Not Supported Format HEVC-H265

    I hope I have helped you
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    you can dowload this link,

    I have made, with megui,

    megui with x265

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  6. There's two update servers for MeGUI. The "stable" and "development" update servers. h265 was added to the version of MeGUI on the development update server a while ago. I'm not sure what the current stable version is or whether it includes h265.

    If you go into MeGUI's settings and switch to the development update server, then run an update (or restart MeGUI so it checks for updates) you can get h265 and the h265 capable version of MeGUI easily that way. Well.... I think you need to update MeGUI, enable x265 in it's options, then run an update a second time. As of today, the latest version of MeGUI on the development update server is 2467.

    Don't forget though.... the development update server gives you the new goodies straight away, but there's a greater possibility of bugs.
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