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    Hi, I have the mkvmergegui and it is great for 1 video clip at a time, but does anyone know how to add multiple m2ts video clips at one time. I am trying to place all my m2ts video clips into mkv containers in order to play it cleanly on the WD TV Live media player.James
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    I haven't seen any batch converter for mkvmerge. You probably have to write a custom batch script for mkvmerge.exe but as I have never used it I don't know how complex it is.

    Maybe you can use ffmpeg also,
    ffmpeg -i video.m2ts -acodec copy -vcodec copy video.mkv
    and you can then make a simple batch following my simple tutorial, to convert all your m2ts at once. You might be able to use mkvmerge.exe also.
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