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  1. what is the difference between a Line in and a mic jack on soundcards?
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  2. Depends. Some cards no difference, Most of them add amplification to the Mic jack, generally resulting in lower audio quality.
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  3. so if i have an unamplified source, i.e. a passive acoustic electric guitar, i should plug into the mic jack if i want to get any sound?

    Also does anybody know what a preamp does?

    I am asking this stuff because i am trying to record a couple guitar tracks on my pc and i am dead broke and cant afford any expensive equipment.

    Like i said my acoustic electric guitar is passive and when i plug it into the line-in i get no sound.
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  4. I think mic is mono while line in is stereo. Not sure though
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  5. The differance is line-in is 75ohm/150mv and 600ohm/2.5mv. You must use the mic. input with a preamp,but you might try a 1/4in to 1/8in adapter first($2).
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  6. Originally Posted by LanEvo7
    I think mic is mono while line in is stereo. Not sure though
    I read that somewhere too.
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  7. Moviegeek has it right. On a PC manufactures do not always follow the rules, but the difference is Both
    1. mic is typically mono vs line is stereo
    2. impedence of mic is lower vs line

    use the mic input only for a microphone or it will get distortion.
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