I am a little bit puzzled at the moment how to create a AC3 surround sound file for my movies. I would like to point out that these are for home movies of days out and holidays etc.

There are two main type of sound projects in mind.

1. Where the original sound is poor or useless. I want to cut these out and replace with music - from all five speakers.

2. How to add sound to say the rear speaker channels without drowning out the original sound from the clips.

Generally for stereo sound I have it sussed and am happy with the results.

My video captures are DV and captured via firewire (sound is set to 48000). My sound card is an Audigy 2.

If someone can provide a guide onhow to create a room full a crisp quality music it would be excellent - hopefully someone who uses similar software to that at my disposal - namely - Vegas 4, Soundforge 6 (or 5), Softencode - that would be helpful.

In Vegas 4 I have added my sound files - stereo audio rips, into the timeline and have played with sound panner which seems to be fine - on the PC - but then I am stumped. I played around clicking the little blue speakers on or off in the AC3 mode in vegas - have got sounds coming out of various speakers on on PC - fine - but how to then do as it states - create 5 or six mono tracks is beyond my comprehension - mine will only create LEFT and RIGHT.

I have set up my profile in the preferences of Vegas - I have seen the multitude of options for inputs Post eq L and pre eq r but am lost.

I can do it fine with SOFTENCODE but I am am sure I am missing something in Vegas.

Any help out there? Sorry for the rambling but this is begging to frustrate me instead of being fun.