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    Since this question would come up inevitable, I thought I would get the ball rolling as I'm in the market for a new sound card. My criteria is that I want it to be affordable (not audigy) and would like to be able to capture 5.1 audio or similiar. I have read that the sb live fits this bill, but for unknown reasons sux?? I would love to hear from anyone who just bought a card and what you discovered. Or from anyone else who just knows these things.


    My current card is the sounblaster PCI ensoniq which is ok, I have never lost sync in a capture but it is just stereo.
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  2. I got the Phillips Achoustic Edge as one of my cards (I also got a mutichannel pro-audeio card for my recording studio 8 in 10 out etc.. but about $1200.00 so you don't wan't that.) Anyhow, my Achoustic edge is greast, its 5.1 analog and digital out sp/dif in, and out, mic in, line in. It will also play any stereo game music etc... in 5.1 instead of mirroring frt speaks in rear if you have 4 or more speakers (It ghosts the centre channel if you have 4) I've never had a synch problem capping with it, knock on wood. Its only like 50 bucks. Most reviews I read put it in league with the upper end soundblaster lives and audigy1's but without taking 2 irq's, ans without the problems associated with vid capping that some people get. Check it out. Read somereviews at sharkyextreme and Anantech etc... even I think Tomshardware had one if I remember.

    We all like Sheep have gone astray...
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  3. I have been looking at the Acoustic Edge also. quigon, how is the audio quality?

    Also I have been looking at the Hercules Fortissimo III ($48 shipped at or the M-Audio Revolution 7.1 ($99 @ Compusa)

    These three cards seem to be some of the top non-Creative cards. Also the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz but I dont like it.

    The Fortissimo III also comes in a flavor called Digifire that has 2 firewire ports.

    I have not used any of these cards.

    the M-Audio and the Hercules are both 7.1 cards but can also be used for 5.1, 6.1, 4.1, 2.1 etc.

    The M-Audio is 24bit/192khz so it should have much better quality.
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  4. "I have been looking at the Acoustic Edge also. quigon, how is the audio quality?"

    Excellent for a low cost sound card IMO. I do my captures with a SB Live and it also works well.
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  5. I really love the sound quality of my Achoustic Edge. My captures sound fab IMHO. However considering the price if I where to purchase now I would take a good look at the 7.1 Herculese cards, especially the Digifire, kill 2 birds with 1 stone. But do to the fact that the Acoustic Edge does not duplicate the front stereo in the rear speakers but turns stereo into 5.1 I have a major softspot for it mainly cause I have no use for 7.1 at the moment. But unfortunatly sound is a very subjective thing where it's mostly opinion. Being in the recording industry so to say, though my studio is really a spare time thing I've found sound to be subjective to the point of being very agitating ie what I like may not be what John Doe likes...

    We all like Sheep have gone astray...
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