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  1. Hi there,

    I want to buy a PC and my intention is to:

    - Rip DVDs
    - reencode m2v video streams so they fit on a DVD-R
    - reencode AC3s
    - encode AC3 to mp2
    - encode Quicktime mov's to mp2 including mp2 audio
    - edit m2v's and Quicktime mov's

    Until now I worked with the GUI MissingMpegTools and Mediapipe under OSX, so I know a bit of editing the strings of the mpeg2enc engine and so on.

    My capture Hardware is a Miro DC30 (Mac version, but the Webmaster of told me, that its possible to install a MAC DC30 into a PC and it works with the this revision of the Miro card.

    Are there DC30 drivers for Linux?
    Are there good Apps or GUIs for Linux?

    And ... should I really install a Windows System on my HD or is it enough for me to have only a Linux system installed?

    I told you ... I'm a Linux newbie

    Or can you give me some links where I can get softwere and infos for my intentions....

    Thanks a Lot!!!
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    I've run linux for around 5 years now; I do all my DVD authoring, burning, Video editing under Windows. As much as I am an advocate for Open Source and GNU software, I have to admit that you're just not going to find alot of software to do what you want to do. A couple of things you mentioned are all closed-source, like the QT stuff, you're not going to find a way to do it unless you run Win or Mac.

    I'd suggest sticking with a Mac, personally. You're already running a very stable UNIX platform there anyway.
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  3. I have a idea if you use virtual pc you can install windows 2000 or xp then install linux into window's it a emulator. And do all your DVD stuff in windows and have fun with linux on the side and if you mess up your linux you just pasted you linux image file back in the folder good as new
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