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  1. i have a Geforce 2 and I just installed an ATI ALl-In-Wonder 128 for capturing, and I use my ATI in Windows 98, when i switch over to the ATI in bios, the monitor looks like a Widescreen DVD, it has a huge blank space at the top and the bottom of the screen. whats wrong with this?
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  2. Check driver installation. Check monitor selection. Try change refresh rate within display property.
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  3. Thats how ati aiw pro acts when you run dual sreens (monitor & tv) Sometimes when the tv out is connnected to the tv and the pc is booted, you will get the same situation until window's is fully loaded.

    I'm not sure why it looks like this in your situation.
    Maybe the card is auto switching to dual screen mode.

    This may have helped or confused you.
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