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    Okay... I've a question about DVD-SVCD (a SVCD on a DVDR)
    How compatible is a DVD-SVCD (in procent) of those DVD-players that support ordinary SVCD?
    Have anyone of you got a DVD-player (with ordinary SVCD support) that can NOT play DVD-SVCD?
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  2. I ain't done it, but I have read many many many post saying nada, it won't work, the only reason vcd does is that vcd resolution is a DVD standar resolution so you can reencode the audio to 48000 but svcd is not a DVD standard resolution, and because the that tells your burner it such and such speed, its a dvd etc... well that tellss your settop its a dvd, but when the player sees the resolution ain't DVD resolution it will refuse to play. For SVCD that part of the disc has to tell the settop player the media is a cd, so the it looks for vcd, or svcd files, but if it reads its a dvd it will look for dvd files and if you have svcd files it obviously wont find dvd files and it will get pissed off and not play.

    We all like Sheep have gone astray...
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  3. I have never been able to get it to work.
    As a SVCD or DVD works great.

    If you have done it, how??
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