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  1. I have created a quick reference guide for easy editing - I have found after trying all of the different software out there for video editing that Media Studio creates a good quality mpg, avi or various other formats with the audio sync'd with the video (unlike my experience with VDub and Tmpg).

    1. Create new project – File/New
    2. Insert Video file – Insert/Video File(browse to video file and highlight) click Open
    3. Move your cursor over the time line (turns to a black line) and click at the beginning to insert to timeline

    4. Change format of timeline – View/Timeline display mode and select Filmstrip mode (to see all thumbnails of the movie)

    5. Optional – Change the ruler unit to a higher number (seconds) if you want to compress the thumbnails (I have it set to 1 sec, try each “time” mode to find the one that you find easiest to edit) – View/Ruler Unit (or the little 1sec button in the top left corner of the timeline)

    6. Select clip (either with clip selection button or time selection button) then click and drag area you want selected (will have a dotted outline)

    7. Then Cut/Copy or Delete (Edit /Copy or Edit/Cut or Delete)
    * If Cutting or Copying, Click the timeline’s next line and edit/paste

    8. If deleting (commercials or such) Choose the clip selection button , click on the remaining frame and drag it over any empty spaces (to bring it to the end of the first clip).

    9. Move the cursor to the area where you want to begin the preview

    10. Select Play on the preview window or just drag the cursor across the area you would like to preview.

    Repeat this process until your editing is completed.
    * Do frequent saves (my copy of media pro keeps crashing!)

    11. Once completely satisfied, go to File/Create/Video File

    You can customize your video file, Mpg, Mov, Avi or any other. Select Options to choose the layout

    * Make sure on the General panel tab both audio and video are selected

    * Choose the best compressions for video and audio on the Compression panel tab

    Once you have saved your file (there is a setting for NTSC VCD for compression of an mpg), burn it to cd. (I use NERO).

    You this guide in Word format here:

    or directly from my main web page at:

    Select the link for Ulead Media Pro Quick Guide

    Good luck!

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  2. Thanks for the guide. I am very used to WinProducer DVD3 which came with my Canopus, but I found using ULEAD gave superior DVD file picture. However I found the editing very sluggish and clumsy compared to WinPro, which was a breeze. Also I could not find out where to do Slo motion, in Winpro you just chaneg the Time Stretch factor.

    Any ideas?

    I wish I could change the codec in WinPro to the same one the ULEAD uses.

    Could one do that?
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  3. Thank You for this guide. I have found this program to be difficult to learn when it comes to editing. Pinnacle's studio is much easier to use. I won't give up on it thanks to your guide. Keep em coming. Your word document was useful for printing
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