Well, perhaps 'pseudo' fits better than real, but they are real cool. It's not really 'off topic' as we are talking about a super-custom player.

How? Well I regularly watch some 3D forums, and have an ELSA card with 3D shutter glasses. There is a company in Korea that makes software that generates left/right images for the shutter glasses from any VCD movie. How does it do it? It keeps track of 'cues' from the motion frame to frame, then generates '3D' info that the card uses as foreground/background and the glasses convert to 3D images. Flicker? Yep, 30 Hz flickers but we are talking plain-Jane VCD here . Links? Yep, and reviews.

Positive Review: http://www.stereovision.net/reviews/3dplus/3dplus.htm

Negative (Realilistic) Review:
http://www.stereo3d.com/3dhome.htm (go to news, SSC/3D Plus)

Working Software Demo: http://www.soft4d.com/htm/main_eng.htm

No, they don't do SVCD or DVD (yet) and it will take a PIV 1.2GHz to handle that in real time ;(. And yes, it seems to work . Try it. You need a reasonably fast system with a good 3D card and shutter-glasses. All these things can be picked up for about $100 these days. The full software can be had bundled with glasses and/or card.

Larry Elie